About the Staff

Our staff is composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who are carefully selected, trained and supervised. One of the unique intangibles about Camp Shoshanim is the strong sense of community that is created as each camper develops his or her own personal identity, while still experience the unforgettable communal living bunk experience.

Camp Shoshanim prides itself on our excellent staff of talented counselors, chosen from applicants all over the country and around the world, who will serve as role models for our girls. We look for energetic and responsible individuals who are ready for a summer full of making lasting camp memories and helping to build friends-for-life. We feel that a diverse staff gives our campers the chance to learn a little bit about different cultures and to meet people from around the globe.

The Camp Shoshanim staff is composed of highly skilled counselors and experienced career professionals. Our key staff is committed to a high standard of supervision for each individual camper. Most key staff has been with the camp for many years. All of our specialists are highly qualified and experienced in their specialty area.  Cabin counselors, with a staff/camper ratio of approximately 1:5, are carefully selected, trained and supervised. They offer leadership and care to all of their campers and provide an environment where children grow, learn and have fun in small-centralized units. Individual interests are met by a caring, nurturing professional staff. We promote a culture of Dugma Ishit – personal example, where our staff becomes role models for our campers.
All staff attends a training program prior to camper arrivals. Counselors receive on-going training through weekly meetings and daily supervision on the job.

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