Yachad @ Shoshanim

“Yachad is the only international organization promoting inclusion for children and adults with disabilities in the broader Jewish community. Because Everyone Belongs!”

Through our partnership with Yachad/NJCD, a Camp Shoshanim summer offers every child, including those living with a disability, a chance to grow and mature in an inclusive, informal and educational setting where the “classroom” can be the basketball court, ropes course or even the dining room.

Shoshanim Yachad now offers vocational services, offering job placement and training in all areas of camp.

Inclusion is embedded in the very fiber of who we are at Camp Shoshanim where we encourage integrated participation in all camp activities. Shoshanim Yachad campers live in accessible bunks along with specially trained staff.

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212-613-8369 | yachadsummer@ou.org

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