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The Amazing Race

At Camp Shoshanim there is a night activity every night.. Last night, July 6th, the night activity was called “The Amazing Race”. The girls were given a team color and had to dress up in that color.They were then given a passport with eight countries on it. The goal was to get all eight spots… (more)

Electives Fun

Yesterday, we enjoyed many activities including all of our awesome electives. The elective that I chose to focus on was Judo. We are so lucky to have a real Judo instructor here with us in camp to teach us some of the skills involved. Here are some pictures that show what we get to do… (more)

Our First Days

July 3, 2015 The Camp Shoshanim blog is a way to let people outside of camp know what is going on in camp. On the first day of camp the girls were greeted by the enthusiastic staff as soon as they got off the bus! After unpacking there was a delicious lunch of pizza. After lunch there was… (more)

Welcome to Camp!

July 1, 2015 Wow! Camp has actually begun! What a great day! Though it rained for the past couple days, we were lucky enough to avoid another downpour, and as all the buses pulled in to camp, we were all welcomed with songs and counselors in tutus! After a filling pizza lunch, we began our… (more)