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Girls Orthodox Specialty Camps

Total Specialty Camps Comes to Camp Shoshanim Total Specialty Camps (TSC)  is designed for campers who have an interest in one specific activity area and want to dedicate time to focus on that area while learning and studying with high level instructors.  The NJY Camps TSC Experience meets the growing demand for high level specialty camp program… (more)

Kosher Culinary Arts Camp

NEW Kosher Culinary Arts Camp with State-of-the-Art Instructional Facility Camp Nesher and Camp Shoshanim are delighted to welcome Susie Fishbein and Friends Culinary Institute to camp this summer!  Our kosher culinary arts camp features a new state-of-the-art instructional cooking facility. Top chef creates summer camp ‘institute’ Susie Fishbein designs a kosher ‘boot camp’ at Nesher, Shoshanim… (more)

Sports, Sports, and More Sports

We spoke with Ariela Herman, head of sports at Camp Shoshanim, about the many sports opportunities and activities available for all the campers. Ariela: Last week was a full week of sports competitions. We took part in  Yom Nate, and the Wayne County camping association inter-camps. On Tuesday, our teams went to Camp Nesher for the 8th annual Yom Nate. We… (more)

It’s game time

Yom Nate has begun! All of the camps gathered together in Bait Nate at Camp Nesher to listen to Jeff Braverman recall the amazing life of Nathaniel Cohen and his impact on sports and Jewish camps. We sang Hatikvah, and now the games are beginning. We start our day with basketball,  tennis, volleyball,  and soccer.

Yom Nate

Stay tuned today for posts on all of the games at Camp Nesher. We will be live blogging from the event!  Go Shoshanim!

8th Grade Rafting Trip

Today’s post is written by our Kallies 8th grade guest bloggers: Yesterday, we left camp for a 2 day rafting and camping trip. Even though it was pretty cold in the morning we were very excited to get out on the water and begin our adventure. We started with a 3 hour rafting down the river,… (more)

Our view of Camp

Today’s post was created by our youngest campers: Chamies grades 2-4.   On Friday and Sunday, we were able to run around camp with an IPad dancing and singing to one of our favorite songs. We are so excited to share this video with you, and give you a little idea of how fun and exciting… (more)

See, Run, Build!

Today, our Rockies played an interactive, community building activity. We all met at the Chinuch rooms, and then divided into teams. Each team was challenged to recreate a structure that was built earlier in the day– but there was one catch: only one member of each team could see the structure. The other members of… (more)

Olympic Day Fun!

Tonight’s post is being written by 2 guest bloggers– Gabi and Jennifer (10th grade Paradise) This morning, Layla played loud music in our rooms, and we were woken to excitement about the Olympics! We were divided into 4 teams representing 4 countries– Venezuela (yellow), Morocco (pink), Philippines (blue), and Ireland (green). Our counselors and staff greeted… (more)