8th Grade Rafting Trip

IMG_2072 IMG_7592 IMG_7602Today’s post is written by our Kallies 8th grade guest bloggers:

Yesterday, we left camp for a 2 day rafting and camping trip. Even though it was pretty cold in the morning we were very excited to get out on the water and begin our adventure.

We started with a 3 hour rafting down the river, and we were even given the chance to jump out of our boats and swim. It was so much fun jumping out, and then figuring out how to climb back in.

After the rafting was done, we went to our campsite and set up our tents and sleeping bags. We also walked around the campsite looking for wood so we could build the fire for our dinner.

After mincha, we began to grill our hot dogs, and hamburgers. We also shucked our own corn and grilled that too. The food was delicious!

After dinner, we sat around the fire eating smores, playing games, singing songs, and telling each other camp fire stories. The smores were amazing,  but even better was the time we got to spend with our friends around a warm fire, and in our cozy tents.

We felt so lucky to be able to go on such an amazing trip.

Thank you to our division head Kara and to Rebecca for helping to organize this trip!

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