Olympic Day Fun!

Tonight’s post is being written by 2 guest bloggers– Gabi and Jennifer (10th grade Paradise)

This morning, Layla played loud music in our rooms, and we were woken to excitement about the Olympics! We were divided into 4 teams representing 4 countries– Venezuela (yellow), Morocco (pink), Philippines (blue), and Ireland (green). Our counselors and staff greeted us with an opening ceremony with torches and the Olympic flag. After davening, each team geared up for the day by cheering loudly at breakfast. We then broke up into our teams to plan for the day.

Some of the activities included: Bracha bee (we had to learn some very interesting brachot!), water polo,  hockey, basketball, and tennis.

After dinner, the international staff played  a basketball tournament for each of the teams.

At closing ceremonies, we presented banners, Stomp, and team song.

In the end team Morocco won the day’s festivities, but we all had a great time!

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