Welcome to Camp!

July 1, 2015

Wow! Camp has actually begun! What a great day! Though it rained for the past couple days, we were lucky enough to avoid another downpour, and as all the buses pulled in to camp, we were all welcomed with songs and counselors in tutus!

After a filling pizza lunch, we began our regular scheduled activities. We went swimming, tried out for basketball, unpacked, and met our new counselors and bunkmates.

During dinner, the dining room was full of laughter and cheer. We had an extra special and exciting first night activity tonight: Lip Sync Battle! Our counselors and staff members ‘sang’ songs from Disney movies ranging from Mulan to High School Musical and Frozen. Please stay tuned tomorrow for some awesome pictures and videos of our first night at camp!

Looking forward to sharing our news with you over the summer!

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